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General Manager and Director of Golf: Israel “Izzy” Gonzalez


Izzy got into the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) Program in 1987 and became a PGA Pro in 1990. He grew up in Huffman and has managed courses in Houston, Kingwood and Chicago, Illinois. He spent time working with golf legend Arnold Palmer and hosted a Secret Service tournament in Kingwood, where he met former President George H.W. Bush.

Izzy says that the deciding factor for him to come to Pearland was, “the potential for growth. Golf has been on a decline for the last few years, but I see tremendous potential here in Pearland. Not many courses offer four sets of men’s and two sets of ladies’ tees. It’s a great course with many unique features.”

To book a lesson with Izzy, call (713) 773-9603 or email

Head Golf Professional: Amy Willmon

Amy Willmon’s Junior Golf Academy is a year-round program dedicated to the growth of junior golf. The mission of Amy Willmon’s Academy is to develop, support, and prepare each junior with the basic fundamentals needed to compete at their desired level, along with providing each junior the tools needed to be recognized by colleges. Core values of the academy recognize and respect each student’s individuality. With each junior committing to the training process, the result is them becoming the best golfer and athlete possible.

Building the program from personal experience, Amy has had tremendous success over the past decade. As the majority of junior academies separate by age, Amy’s academy takes a different approach and divides the students based off skill level. The academy is divided into three (3) different skill levels; BeginnerIntermediate and Advanced, which is separated into two (2) levels: JV and Varsity. Dividing the juniors by skill level instead of age allows each student to learn and grow at his or her own pace.

The program includes mental conditioning and physical training, as both are equally important to building golfers that can play more competitively. The goal is to offer juniors a disciplined program that provides them with the opportunity to develop into accomplished athletes, successful at the collegiate level and beyond.

Another integral part of the program is on-course instruction. Amy’s Coaching Staff reinforces swing thoughts, provides in-depth course management, and educates students on the importance of the ‘Rules of Golf’. Taking students on the course covers the more specific techniques that are used in course management and teaches the student how to incorporate what is learned during practice to improve scores. This production of a champion means he or she can manage him or herself on and off the course.

The coaching staff is trained to identify each student’s individual needs to implement a plan for self-development. Having knowledge of the swing is a very important asset for an accomplished player to have. Golf is a sport where one never stops learning. One of our goals is to teach the student to be his or her own best coach and being able to identify and fix his or her own game. Lastly, identifying and understanding what the student’s personal strengths and weaknesses are is an important step in becoming the best golfer possible. With advancement throughout each level, the student will continue learning the full swing, short game, mental management, and of course, the most important aspect of all: learning how to score.


Amy Willmon’s Junior Golf Program

  • Ages 7 – 17 Co-Ed


Beginner – Level 1 White Shirts

  • No golf experience needed
  • Meet for practice during the week and weekend
  • Basic Fundamentals Introduced
    • Full Swing
    • Short Game
    • Putting
    • Rules
    • Etiquette

Intermediate – Level 2 Black Shirts

  • Minimum of 2 years’ playing experience
  • Meet for practice during the week and weekend
  • Introduction to Physical Training and Impact on game
  • Implement Rules and Etiquette on Course
  • Introduce how to prepare for a shot consistently

Advanced-Elite – Level 3 Green Shirts (Varsity)

  • The advanced, blue level is for the serious Junior golfer whose goals are set on playing at the collegiate level
    • Specific Physical Training
    • How to practice with a specific purpose
    • Longer scheduled practices
    • Build an overall strong, confident golfer whose game will not crack, but will surpass others under pressure, both mentally and physically

Advanced – Junior Varsity (JV)

  • Due to the number of 14 year-old beginner participants interested in the program, I have created the JV Level. JV will wear Green Shirts, but are between the beginner and intermediate level. They will receive the same amount of practice time as the Varsity Green Shirts do, but will not practice with them. Once the Coach feels they are ready, they will be allowed to join the Varsity practices.



  • WHITE SHIRTS & BLACK SHIRTS: Tuesday and Wednesday from 4:30-5:30 pm
  • GREEN SHIRTS, VARSITY: Thursday from 4:30-6:00 pm

**Once enrolled, you will receive the practice schedule for your level

Call Amy at (713) 773-9603 or email to inquire about any of our Junior offerings!


Director of Instruction: Matt Schewe

Matt was the head golf professional at Texas A & M University and an instructor at Kingwood Country Club. The Houston Press named him the 2009 Teacher of the Year. He has also worked with the famous golf instructors Peter Kostis and Dr. Gary Wiren.

His most notable students have been basketball stars Penny Hardaway and Sam Cassell, actor Kurt Russell and actress Sally Field. Matt competes regularly in the Senior Series PGA events all over Texas.

He believes in an effortless golf swing that is smooth and easy. He can teach anyone how to play the great game of golf, as well as help advanced players improve!

Matt gives private lessons Tuesday through Sunday. Call (713) 291-8861 or email to arrange your lesson today!


Matt conducts a golf a golf clinic every Thursday at 10am that is open to the public and is only $25.00 per person. Call Matt or see the sign up sheet in the grill area.

For more information, please call (713) 291-8861 or email
Visit to learn more about Matt.